Being one of the most adventures travel destination in India, Ladakh offers various rare wildlife experiences to those who want to explore true colors of Ladakh region. The most wondering thing about animals of Ladakh is there ecological adaption; they thrived at a highness where human can hardly survive.

While exploring wildlife of Ladakh you will be witness of massive range of flowers and wildlife. It also has some uncommon and rare species of faunas. The Ladakh region with an exclusive ecology gives a prospect of wildlife plus a photography enthusiast to catch some exceptional and striking wildlife species with a most beautiful background wall of the snowy mountains.

One more major attraction of Ladakh is ‘Hemis national park’. It is one of largest national park in India with major attraction of snow leopard. Ideal time for spotting snow leopard is from Oct. to March. People also preferred to enjoy trekking in snow leopard.

The largest found animal of Ladakh is ‘yak’. You can easily recognize it by its long black hair. Another magnificent wild found in eastern portion of Ladakh is ‘Great Tibetan Sheep’; it is a largest sheep in the whole world.  You can also find world’s smallest sheep called ‘Urial’ or ‘Shapu’. The region of Ladakh also supports and shelter around 310 types of birds however it is not beheld as a birding paradise.

Worldwide travellers find wildlife of Ladakh interesting for ecology and remote regions of rugged Ladakh.

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