There are several things which have to be taken into account while being the process of planning ladakh tour packages from Mumbai and other cities across the city. Ladakh is a winter desert and hence the biggest concern is the climate. The best time period for visiting the exotic Himalayan locations of Ladakh is between the months of May to September. The weather is pleasantly cold. However, the weather of this place is notoriously infamous for drastic temperature changes within couple of hours. Hence, keeping warm clothes while packing for ladakh tourism always comes in handy.

Permits and passports are next concerns to be addressed by people contemplating to visit Ladakh and adjoining areas. While the Indian nationals do not require any permit to visit Leh, foreign nationals on leh ladakh tour are required to secure permits for doing so. Ladakh lies in a politically sensitive place near international borders. Hence, specific places like Tsokar and Pangong lakes; Nubra Valley, Dhahanu, Tsomoriri, etc require tourist permits to be secured for all. These permits can be availed from the District Magistrate of Leh through travel agents for ladakh tour packages.

Cash and currency is the next point of concern. Not many hotels except cards and those do so, charge service tax at 2 percent. Presence of ATM machines is also limited and only for specific banks. Hence, it is advisable to keep surplus amount of cash within reach, but of course with safe precautions. Even during best time to visit ladakh, one would discover that communication lines are hampered due to the extreme high mountainous terrain coupled with frequent disruptions round the year due to extreme conditions. Hence, all communications should be fulfilled during day time. There are not many STD centres which operate late in the night.

Fully laden medicine kit is another suggestion which ladakh tour packages operators give to tourists. Ladakh is sure to entice you into some form of adventure sports. Hence, fully geared First Aid box is a must. Moreover, those on medication should have surplus medicine supply at their disposal since the local medical shops do not have a large domain of medicine stock. Furthermore, in the event of bad weather causing you to get stuck, surplus availability of medicine is always reckoned. These are some of tips and suggestions which one should follow during ladakh tourism.

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