Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Head To Spiti Valley

A cold mountain desert, Spiti Valley is called as Ladakh’s Lesser Known Neighbor that is nestled between India and Tibet, therefore also called as “The Middle Land”. The isolated mountain ranges in Spiti Valley will mesmerize any individual and there isn’t sole adjective to define its captivating beauty. It is yet unexplored, is a different world which has spectacular magnificence and is ‘Tibet of India’ for tourists.

For those who adore the mountains and its surrounding areas, well you must make a Spiti Valley trip without a second thought. Since there are a number of scenic places to visit in Spiti Valley, it has gained much fame for its lovely monasteries and the natural exquisiteness which remains intact. Walking on the terrain of Spiti Valley is not an easy task and the whole area is totally isolated during the rough winter weather conditions. The summer months from mid- May to late September are hence the best time to visit Spiti.

A visit to Spiti Valley is incomplete without visiting the places such as the Kunzum Pass, Kibber and Trilokinath Temple. If you are an adventure aficionado, then there are a number of Spiti Valley trekking trails and a few mountain biking roads which you should simply not miss. Those who love picturesque lakes must head straight to the lakes of Surajtal and Chandratal, which are one of the most stunning ones in the world.
All said and done, so here are top 5 reasons why you must book a tour package and visit Spiti Valley:

1. Stare At The Night Sky In Pin Valley And You Will Be Amazed
The night sky is full with myriad stars and owing to a pollutant-free air, a marvel unknots right in front of your eyes. You will not only notice the stars but also the Milky Way Galaxy which will capture your attention.

2. Abode To The Highest Motorable Town In Asia
The village of Komic is well-thought-out to be the highest motorable place in Asia. If you are planning a Spiti Valley road trip, then you should add this to your bucket list. The beautiful village has a populace of about 50 to
60 people and the temperature here have a tendency to to dip to -30 degree Celsius. The houses here are parted from each other by luxurious lawns that endows ample amount of space to head for a sun bath whenever the sun makes its rare appearance. You can also find budget accommodation in Spiti Valley.

3. For The Adoration Of Buddha
The Spiti Valley is considered as a main centre for Buddhism. If you are listing things to do in Spiti Valley, then how can you skip visiting the ancient monasteries. The valley cradles a lot of monasteries; amongst them the Ki monastery is known to be the oldest which dates back as early as to 996 AD. The monastery is served to the followers of Tibetan Buddhism and is positioned atop a hill which is at an altitude of 13,668 ft above sea level. The other monasteries are the Dhankar monastery, Tabo Monastery, Shashur Monastery, Gandhola Monastery and Kardang Monastery which are a again must-visit.

4. The Stunning Lakes
There are about dozen lakes which are pushed away in the several parts of the valley. One amongst them is the famous Chandratal Lake which is one of the top popular choices amongst the tourists and seizing the starry sky at night from its shoreline is once-in-a-lifetime experience. The other lake that must be discovered is the Surajtal Lake.

5. The Vast Spreads Of Natural Land
The valley is located at an altitude of about 12,500 ft above sea level, which makes it one of the less populated mountainous places. The altering shades of the cold deserted mountains are a spectacle which is truly awe-inspiring. Besides, it is the land of the Buchen Llamas, who are worshiped by the natives as they are supposed to push out evil forces. Spiti Valley being one of the less populated places, the locals here are very hospitable to their guests and offer accommodation within their homes.

North East India – An Unexplored Part Of Paradise

North East India is indeed an unexplored paradise and one of the best holiday destinations for nature lovers, mountain trekkers and wildlife aficionados. A complete North East India Trip includes 7 neighboring states that include: Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. Known as the best choice for booking family & honeymoon tour package, North East regions (also known as Seven Sisters of India) offer travelers diversity in the landscape. The North Eastern region also encompasses one brother called Sikkim and some areas of Bengal that includes Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and Koch Bihar. Here are top 6 reasons why you must book North East Holiday Tour Packages:
1. Culture
The unexplored utopia of India is famous for its distinctive culture and traditional lifestyle. North east region of India offers a diversified culture of Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. Though, the influence of Buddhist culture occupies a vital place and great number of ethnic groups in comparison to other religions. Every tribal group in these states has its own distinctive tribal culture, ethnic folk dance as well as food and crafts.

2. People
North-East India Tourism is all about people offering a vibrant reflection of their land and customary lifestyle. The “Mongoloid faced” people of North East are quite distinct in features of clothing, customs and language. Most important tribes of hills are Jaintia, Khasi and Garo. They are the folks with rich culture and ethnicities and have strong religious beliefs, music, dance and arts.

3. Lifestyle
The lifestyle of North-east India varies from one place to other- people of these sister states are divided into tribes and sub-tribes. The hill region tribes lead a simple lifestyle as they live in high mountains where hunting and fishing are the key occupations. Agriculture and weaving are the other two main occupations of the people. Tea farming in Assam is one of the leading sources of income along with customary handicrafts.

4. Cuisines
There are a number of best places in North East India which serves amazing cuisine. These cusines reflect the culture and lifestyle of the region. The staple food of the states is rice along with dry fish, spiced meat and lots of green vegetables. Mutton, Duck, Chicken and Pigeon are some of the most prevalent non-veg dishes from north east along with an assortment of rice beer. The exclusive cuisine of seven states of the north east India are Momos, Aakhol Ghor, Jadoh, Tung-rymbai and pickled bamboo shoots.

5. Festivals and Fairs
Festivals and Fairs are the fundamental part of tribes along with traditional folk music and dance practice. There are several festivals celebrated by different tribes of sister-states throughout the year. The key festivals and fairs of northeast India are Hornbill and Sekrenyi festival of Nagaland, Bihu & Brahmaputra Festival of Assam, Shillong Autumn Festival of Meghalaya, Torgya Monastery Festival of Arunachal Pradesh, Kharchi Puja of Tripura, Chapchar Kut and Ningol Chakouba Festival of Manipur to name a few.

6. Natural Beauty
When you book North East India Holiday Tour Packages, you will surely be witnessing a slice of paradise on earth. If you are planning to visit the tourist destinations in the North East India, the best season and time to visit is, all year-round. Every season brings in its natural beauty and colorful flora and fauna. The scenic location of zigzagging water bodies, amazing waterfalls, lush green jungles and Blue Mountains ranges along with pleasing weather endows a beautiful sight of the country. Brahmaputra river expanse is enclosed with mountain peak, rich evergreen forests and grasslands, which deliver a striking view of the incredible Brahmaputra Green Valleys.

North Eastern region indeed offers one of the most beautiful and best Eco-Tourism places to visit in India.