While on ladakh tourism, one would come across the magnanimous history of the place. The control over this picturesque place has shifted hands between China and Tibet more than once. It was in 842 that Ladakh was given its separate royalty by Nyima Gon, after its split from Tibetan empire. Post this, the ‘Second Spread’ of Buddhism started across India and neighboring places. The place has also had presence of Muslims initiating around the 19th century. However, as one would discover during their leh ladakh tour that, Ladakh is best portrayal of Tibetan Buddhism in India. Largest city in Ladakh, Leh, has many places of significance for Buddhism and Ladakh Royalty.

One wishing to discover more about the history of this place during their ladakh tour packages can take a trip to the museums and palaces in the city. Nubra Valley and Zanskar Valley also have plenty of monasteries and other tourist attractions; in order to get acquainted with the culture of the place. The lifestyle of people, their cuisines and indigenous idiosyncrasies would leave a memorable experience of its culture during your ladakh packages from Mumbai and other places in the country.

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