What to Pack for Your Leh Ladakh Trip: Clothing and Other Essentials

So you are finally surrendering to your wanderlust with a Leh Ladakh Road Trip? Nothing can be better. Whether you are a solo traveler in quest of some peace and tranquility or someone wanting to seep in the picturesque tourist attractions with other friends for company, Leh Ladakh sure makes for one unforgettable tour. Interestingly, Leh Ladakh is as much a destination for adventure enthusiasts as it is for foodies. Thus, booking a Leh Ladakh Tour Packages will just never let you down!

Here is a helpful checklist of all that you ought to carry so that you can delight in the Leh Ladakh Tour plan to the fullest.

1.Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

The first easiest thing to carry certainly is a great attitude! Be completely geared up to saturate in the sights and the sounds of the paradise. The knack to unwind, de-stress and merely loosen up, would come in handy! Although pre-planning is important in case of Leh Ladakh Bike Trip, be prepared not to have everything on your escapade go precisely as per your plan. Rather as they say, go with the flow! Obviously, the thumb rule is to have heaps of fun!

2.Absolute Must Haves In Your Tour

So, here is a list of must haves that you simply cannot manage to forget:

  • A valid photo identification card (for proof)
  • A sufficient amount of money especially as ATMs are hardly available and far between. Actually, if you are going on a Leh Ladakh Road Trip via Manali, the last ATM will be seen in Manali only!
  • Take a Print Out of Itinerary with emergency contact numbers
  • Keep some emergency food and water handy if you are out trekking in Leh Ladakh


Although you must travel light, it can simply be at the cost of layered clothing, conditional on the season when you are visiting Leh Ladakh of course. This mountainous region has an ample of play of light and shade; you could be feeling totally warm at one instant and then as you walk into shade, you might feel the requirement for an additional layer of clothing. Besides, layered clothing works best as you are gaining elevation to keep yourself warm. Here are some complete clothes essentials:

  • Full sleeves T-shirts/Sweatshirts
  • Quick Dry Trekking Lowers/Pants
  • Cardigans
  • Thermals
  • Jacket
  • Gloves and Cap.
  • Woolen Socks
  • Comfortable Sports Shoes.In fact, strong hiking boots will be the best choice.


While your shaving or makeup kit can take a well-earned break as you indulge in your adventurous side, here is a list of absolute must have toiletries:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Face Wash
  • High SPF (40+) Sun Block Cream as the sun can be scorching
  • Soap and Shampoo
  • Moisturizer/Cold Cream/Lip Balm
  • Contact Lens Solution if you intend to wear contacts or you can simply choose to wear your normal glasses.
  • Tissues/ Hand Towel/ Toilet Roll

5.Medical Kit

It is advisable to be ready with any prescription medicines that you might be taking. It is also wise to take a stock of medicines for body pains, stomach-aches and allergies. Here is an essential checklist:

  • Medicines for motion sickness as given by your physician
  • Acute Mountain Sickness medication as suggested
  • A tiny oxygen cylinder if the high altitude leaves you uncomfortable.
  • Cough and cold medication
  • Medication for diarrhea and stomach pains
  • Dettol, band aid, bandage and cotton
  • Antiseptic skin cream



If you are a book aficionado who can’t sleep without reading a few pages or somebody whose feet just have to be kept warm, there is no reason to let go this list:

  • Foot Warmers
  • A Fascinating Book
  • An Umbrella
  • Sunglasses
  • A Great Camera For All Those Photograph Ops
  • Mobile Phone With Extra Batteries
  • Flash Light
  • Camping Equipment if you have camping on your mind

Pack all these basics in a robust bag. It will be accommodating to have a small backpack for every day travel.

Ultimately, you will be amazed to know that Leh Ladakh features among safe destinations for solo women travellers therefore there is all the more reason to visit the paradise and tick mark on your bucket list. Remaining cheerful and carrying your laid-back attitude will take you places….well yes literally!

Bon Voyage!


How to Deal With AMS and Acclimatize in Leh Ladakh?

A Leh Ladakh trip is often regarded as an adventure ride owing to the challenges it offers. Apartfrom the delightful vistas that you get to witness; there is also the enthusiasm of Leh Ladakh Road Trip through unfriendly terrains and dangerous passes. There are numerous things that you must need to prepare yourself for prior to booking Leh Ladakh Tour Packages; of which one of the most essential topics is of acute mountain sickness in Ladakh.

Cause of Acute Mountain Sickness

Acute Mountain Sickness happens because of shortage of oxygen at high altitude, and incapacity of our body system to adapt to low content of oxygen in the air. In order to put up with low oxygen each breath, our body escalates the breathing rate and therefore we begin to huff & puff so effortlessly in mountains. The course of a human body getting adapted to low oxygen and adjusting to the new environment is called “Acclimatization”.

Symptoms of AMS

Although majority of travelers on Leh Ladakh Trekking and Bike Tours Ladakh do experience few or all of the symptoms of moderate AMS. This includes fatigue, headaches, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and shortness of breath while walking to name a few. While some others, mightget affected by show symptoms of severe AMS. This includes shortness of breath at rest, incapacity to walk, reduced mental status and fluid buildup in lungs. However, not every traveler is affected is affected by AMS.

Medicines To Escape AMS

Diamox: The present recommendations are around 125 – 250 mgs to be taken twice daily, beginning a day prior to Leh Ladakh Tour and continuing for a 2-3 days at the elevation or even for the whole duration of stay. 

Diamox can causeseveral side effects and you need to consult with your family doctor, prior to consuming Diamox, particularly if you are on any sort of medication. Moreover, since Diamox is a sulfur drug, it cannot be consumed by those who are sensitive to sulfur drugs.

Dexamethasone: You can consume around 2-4 mg of Dexamethasone in every 5-6 hours which is also effective in preventing and treating AMS. The contrivances of action of dexamethasone in getting rid of AMS symptoms are unknown. Its relative usefulness compared to Diamox has not been recognized, however it likely is same as Diamox. Dexamethasone must only be consumed after consultation with your family doctor or general physician.

Disprin/Aspirin: Those individuals who do not seek to have Diamox, blood thinners such as Disprin and Aspirin can not only facilitate in lowering some of the symptoms of AMS, eg: headaches, but also support your blood in carrying more oxygen.

Oxygen Cylinder: The best suggestion is to carry movable oxygen cylinders, which are easilyobtainable at chemist shops and must provide you temporary relief, just in case you or those traveling with you happen to feel uneasy or breathless.

How to Handle AMS in Ladakh?

Slow increase in height: Time is the key to altitude sickness, both prior to and after you begin experiencing the symptoms. As a rule of thumb, halt for a day at every 2,000 feet (600 meters) of climb above 8,000 feet (2,400 meters).

Avoid Tobacco Smoking & Alcohol Consumption: At many high altitude passes, you would discover boards put up by Indian Army suggesting people not to smoke and drink alcohol at such altitudes. Moreover, excuse yourself from any sleeping pills or anti-depressant medicines.

Avoid turning on the heater: If wandering in a car, you will be enticed to switch on the car heater in the cold environment of Ladakh. Try not to do so or still if you did switch on the heater, do not maintain it at full blower or full heat mode. In the closed space of a car, making use of a heater at its full capacity can activate the symptoms of AMS.

Sleeping Habits: Although you ought to ensure that your body is getting proper sleep, there are a number of places that you need to avoid sleeping at. Make certain that you are sleeping with your head on a pillow/head rest and not without it. Stay away from sleeping during day at all. If you are experiencing symptoms of AMS, try sleeping in an vertical position, with your back against the wall.

Eating & Drinking Habits: The golden rule when you set off on a Leh Ladakh Tour plan is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink ample of water and make sure that your diet regime encompass a lot of carbohydrates in it. Simultaneously, you need to ensure that you are not over-hydrating yourself. Make an attempt to have small meals instead of heavy ones; inclusive of food that is simply digestible.

Do not stress yourself: Keep your body stress-free and relaxed, try to walk little by little and do not exert physically with any needless activities that will leave you gasping.



Demystifying Ladakh’s Magnetic Hill–Illusion or Reality?


Situated at a distance of 30 km from Leh city on the famous Leh-Kargil Highway is a small expanse of road that breaks the phenomenon of gravity. The reason is due to the magnetic hill that draws stationary vehicles upwards. Well-known as the “Magnetic Hill”, today it has turned into a major tourist attraction for all those who plan a Leh Ladakh road trip and is an ideal pit-stop for exhausted riders moving on the highway.

How To Reach Magnetic Hill?

By Air: 

If you are planning a Leh Ladakh Trip, the closest airbase is Leh International Airport and is well connected with major airports in India. The distance from the airport to the Magnetic Hill is about 32 km. From the airport you can easily hire a taxi to reach the Ladakh Magnetic Hill positioned on the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway.

By Train: 

The nearest railhead is Jammu Tawi Railway Station at a distance of about 700 km from Leh Ladakh province. Jammu Tawi is well-connected with Delhi and other major cities in India through railways. You can hire a taxi or car to cover the remaining distance by road.

By Road: 

If you are making a Leh Ladakh Tour from Delhi, Manali-Leh Highway is one of the easiest and the most convenient route to reach Leh. There are quite a number of state transport buses and private buses regularly plying from Himachal Pradesh to Leh Ladakh. A majority of the travelers also prefer to travel Manali to Leh Ladakh Bike Trip.

Note: As the hill is located in the barren region which is 30 km far from Leh, don’t think of finding food stalls & hotels in the region. If at all you are that fortunate, you may come across some homestays. Hence, store enough snacks in your vehicle before you proceed towards the Magnetic Hill in Ladakh.

The best time to book Leh Ladakh Bike Tour Packages and visit the Magnetic Hill is from the months of July to September. During these months, the roads are clear as well as the time and weather is just perfect to discover Ladakh and its innate beauty.

Location of Magnetic Hill in Ladakh

Nestled at an altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level, Magnetic Hill is situated on the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway in the Trans-Himalayan province. Fascinatingly, the Indus River flows to the east of Magnetic Hill and makes the environment a picturesque frame.

Sanctified with incredible natural beauty and enigmatic magnetic feature, the Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is where travelers halt by to experience the eccentric, gravity-defying occurrence. A yellow box noticeable on the magnetic road, few meters away from the Magnetic Hill specifies that the vehicle must be parked in neutral gear. It is from this point that the vehicle begins to move at a speed on the brink of 20 kmph.

Well, the question arises. Is the magnetism indeed this intense at Magnetic Hill in Ladakh? Or it is just a astounding illusion? Let’s check at both the possibilities!

The Mystery of the Magnetic Hill & Road in Ladakh

We live in a strange world, so thus there are number of theories backing this extraordinary wonder of nature. All of them put forward a different logic and are supported by good reasoning, excluding superstitions like ‘the magnetic road is a straightaway to heaven’. Let’s understand what each of these beliefs and theories have to highlight.

The Superstition –

According to local superstitions amongst the Ladakhi villagers, there is a belief that there once was a road that led people to heaven. Those who truly deserved were drawn to the path straightaway while those who were not worthy of could never make it there.

The Magnetic Force Theory –

This is known as a sensible theory, which is also the most prevalent worldwide. It states that there is a strong magnetic force originating from the hill that attracts (pull) vehicles that are in its range.

The eccentric occurrence on the Leh-Kargil highway has been time and again experienced and affirmed by travelers globally. In point of fact, the infamous hill has instigated aircrafts of Indian Air Force to change their route in the past to evade magnetic intervention on them.

The Optical Illusion Theory

Another extensively accepted theory suggest that the hill is no cradle of magnetic force, rather it’s merely an optical illusion that forms the downslope of the road leading to the Magnetic Hill look like an upslope. Thus, when you perceive the vehicle going uphill, it is in reality going downhill.

Among the two main suggestive theories – one of magnetic force in the hill and the optical illusion theory – there is no definite theory till date. But, there is surely something mysterious regarding the magnetic hill in Ladakh! So reason no further; book best Leh Ladakh Tour Packages and find it for yourself.

Leh Ladakh Bike Tour: Everything You Must Know From The Scratch!

Every biker, regardless of the gender, dreams of going on a Leh Ladakh bike tour at least once in their lifetime. While they aspire to have a perfect journey, the reality does come into connection with a lot of limitations.
Having understood that bikers are sure to stagger upon a little barriers on a rocky landscape like that of Leh and Ladakh, Offbeat Himalayas has put in best efforts to arrange every information in this blog that will assist bike tour aspirants in encountering any such challenges on the way.

About Leh Ladakh Bike Tour:
The old adage- “There’s beauty everywhere, all you have to do is just open your eyes and observe it” is rightly said when it comes to the fascinating beauty of Leh Ladakh trip.Endowing scenic vistas of one of the finest landscapes in India, a road trip to Leh Ladakh is all about experiencing snow-clad mountains, rocky landscape, high peaks, risky routes, and active bike engines. In short, going on a Ladakh bike trip is all about the positive vibes and the never-ending
spirit of a biker.

Best Time To Go On A Leh Ladakh Bike Trip:
The best time to go on a Leh Ladakh Bike Trip is from the months of June to September. These months allow the bikers to take delight in the best of Ladakh, as much as they enjoy their bike trip to Lahaul & Spiti. However, most of the bikers love to go on this crazy bike trip in all seasons as Leh Ladakh offers magical panoramas which can be appreciated round the year.

Estimated Duration For A Ladakh Bike Trip:
Depending on a lot of factors such as the route you’ve chosen, your complete schedule, and chiefly the weather conditions, an estimated duration for a Leh Ladakh road trip would span over a period of 15 days or more.

Leh Ladakh Trip Cost:
A lot depends on the vehicle you are picking for your expedition and the Leh Ladakh road trip cost would also differ on the accommodation and type of food you decide on to eat. Yet, an average budget can be attained upon considering key factors such as meals, accommodation and fuel. Therefore, under usual circumstances, you may spend around INR 39,900 on a bike trip to Leh Ladakh for 15-days. This also comprises the permit fees and miscellaneous expenses for the Ladakh trip.

Top Bikes For Leh Ladakh Bike Trip:
One of the first things to keep in mind is that every biker must give his/her total attention to their first love, which is their bike. One must be very watchful and picky when it comes to selecting their Leh Ladakh road trip bike. So whenever you’re selecting a bike for any road trip, ensure you aim for suitability more than popularity. Consider it one of the most significant aspects of your Leh Ladakh trip plan! Opting for the type of bikes that one can effortlessly handle and are stress-free to maintain has constantly proven to be safe and supportive for the riders. Hence, the 5 top bikes for Leh Ladakh bike tour are:

  1. Royal Enfield – A dynamic bike with an engine of either 350 CC or 500 CC is sufficient to be a lifeguard on road trips.
  2. Royal Enfield Himalayan – With a robust engine of 400 CC, Royal Enfield Himalayan will let your ride smooth and hassle-free on any rough trail and unusual roads.
  3. Bajaj Pulsar – Undoubtedly, no bike has been a superhit in the Indian market in comparison to Bajaj Pulsar. Being the most preferred bike after the Bullets, Pulsar delivers variations of 150CC, 200CC, and 220CC, either of which can be your dependable partner on any of the escapades.
  4. KTM Duke – Being a featherweight bike can be beneficial on roads like that of Ladakh. With the chains of new engine variations of Duke 390, and Duke 250, KTM can be a best choice for a bike trip to Ladakh.
  5. CBR 250 – This bike from Honda is certainly a blockbuster except for its Contigo tyres which can be a slight tough to handle on Ladakh’s land in case of an alteration in weather. On the positive side, if the tyres can be replaced, one can put the bike’s ‘torque and fi’ technology to great use, and a superior purpose.

No bike. No worries. The bike rental providers at Delhi, Chandigarh and Manali are keen to offer you a ride on rent as long as you submit all the required documents. In Delhi, Karol Bagh is the center from where you can rent a bike for about 900 per day. All you have to do is show a valid photo id proof, your driving license, some security deposit, and a consent letter from your parents in case you’re still under age of 25, and you are all ready for a bike trip to Leh Ladakh.

Other than this, you can also rent a mechanic to take on the basis of daily wage for the complete duration of Leh Ladakh road trip. Also, don’t forget to run the bike through a test drive and check its abilities beyond limits to be on a safer side during the journey


There are so many things to soak in while being on ladakh tour packages that it is advisable to make a list of places on wishes to explore during their sojourn. The choices may differ as per the preferences of one’s travel, but there are some aspects which are a must to be put on your travel itinerary during leh ladakh tour. Leh, the biggest city of Ladakh which is more than likely to be the foothold of your Ladakh sojourn, has scores of things to be discovered. It is the sitting place of Ladakh Royalty and also the best place to witness Tibetan Buddhist culture. From palaces to museums, Leh has it all to leave you impressed.

While being on ladakh bike ride, Nubra Valley is a must visit if one wishes to see amalgamation of Buddhist culture and breathtaking panorama. Pangong Tso lake, which spreads a colossal 134 km and extends into China, was made famous by popular Bollywood movie 3 Idiots and is a well visited place by tourists for its pristine form at a height of more than 14000 feet above sea level. One would also want to include Khardung pass during their ladakh tourism on road and also the Hemis National Park, to get a peek at the flora and fauna of the place.

Leh is most likely to be the base of your ladakh tourism. It is the most significant and biggest city in Ladakh. It has several tourist attractions. Leh Palace, formal sitting place of Ladakh Royalty, is a colossal 9 storey palace and is open round the year providing stunning view of the city. Some of the other major attractions to be witnessed during leh ladakh tour are Shanti Stupa, Stok Palace, Sankar Gompa, The War Museum, Jama Masjid and The Victory Tower. The city provides memorable reflections into Tibetan Buddhism culture, not to mention breathtaking exotic views from each and every corner of the city.

Drass is often termed as ‘Gateway to Ladakh’. It is the coldest place in the country and the town came into prominence during India-Pakistan Kargil War of 1999. Drass is popular among ladakh tour packages as a convenient base for trekking. There are several short journey treks which can be accomplished for amateur trekking enthusiasts. Religious destination of Amarnath also begins here. Manman Top, Gomchan Valley, Ningoor Masjid, etc are some of the tourist attraction which Drass has to offer. However, the place is more popular among ladakh bike riders for the picturesque drive through the Drass valley.

Kargil is another district of Ladakh, besides Leh. The town of Kargil serves as headquarter of the district named after it. Second largest town after Leh in Ladakh, Kargil is another obvious stop during ladakh tour packages. The place is well connected including a National Highway and has ample  accommodation facilities to serve as an ideal base for travel. The place has been epicentre for Kargil War of 1999 between India and Pakistan, which India triumphed. One can explore war history through memorials and museums about the place while being in the midst of their ladakh tourism.

Nubra valley was earlier called as Ldumra which means Valley of Flowers. The ladakh tour packages operators will elucidate that Nubra Valley separates Ladakh from Karakoram ranges. The valley has presence of two rivers and is widely popular among adrenalin enthusiasts for adventure sports, most prominent being white water rafting. Those interested in exploring Buddhist culture during their ladakh tourism would also find Nubra valley interesting; for it has several monasteries like Diskit and Samstanling. The Maitreya Buddha statue which is 35 feet long is famous among tourists. The place also offers several trekking and mountaineering opportunities.

Tsomoriri Lake is the largest high altitude lake in the Trans Himalayan biosphere and is situated between India and Tibet. The oligotrophic lake is served with springs and ice melts. It seems that the mountains virtually melt here. The view is simply unforgettable and those of leh ladakh tour would vouch for it. The lake is surrounded by extensive marshy wetland and has a dedicated wetland conservation reserve declared for it. The accessibility to this lake is not always good and tourists can soak in the splendid views only during the best time to visit ladakh, that is, summers.

Zanskar River Unlike the Nubra Valley, Zanskar valley is a cut off region and can be reached only by a 7 day trek or a 14 hour drive. However, the endeavour is worth putting in for those tourists wishing to witness culture of the place during leh ladakh tour. The place is home to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries including the much visited monasteries of Rangdum Monastery, Sani Monastery, Bardan Monastery and Phugtal Monastery. While maximum population belong to Tibetan Buddhism allegiance, but there is also presence of Sunni Muslims in the place; hence proving a glimpse at rare
amalgamation during your ladakh tour packages.

Pangong Lake is famous cause of popular Hindi movie 3 Idiots, Pangong Tso Lake spreads across incredible 134 km and is present at a height of more than 14000 feet above sea level. The lake provides sterling natural tranquillity at display and ladakh tourism is incomplete without glimpsing this lake. The colossal lake stretches from India into the Chinese territory. The lake, even though freezes in entirety during winter season, houses heavenly water during summers. It takes around 5 hours from Leh to reach this place and the entire journey is so mesmerizing that one has to behold to believe.

Diskit Monastery : Nubra Valley has immense cultural significance for Ladakh and has many monasteries. The Diskit Monastery is most famous of all the valleys here and is widely visited by tourists on their ladakh tourism. Diskit Gompa is the largest and also the oldest Buddhist monastery of Gompa in the Nubra Valley. It belongs to the Gelugpa section of Tibetan Buddhism and was founded by Changzem Tserab Zangpo, Tsong Khapa’s disciple who was founder of Gelugpa. People on leh ladakh tour can also get glimpse of Hundur Monastery and Lachung Temple, which are in the vicinity of Diskit Gompa Monastery.

Sarchu : While taking the Manali – Leh highway which heavy snowfall only permits to be opened during the best time to visit ladakh, that is, between May to September has the Sarchu stoppage. Since the journey takes more than one day, the stoppage becomes mandatory. Sarchu is on the banks of picturesque river Tsarap Chu. It has tented accommodation for tourists. For those who have the adrenalin push to undertake difficult treks, Sarchu serves as the base for trek to the Zanskar region of Ladakh which has some of the oldest monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism. The camps and even the Manali – Leh highway are closed during the winters.

Hemis National Park is a must include adventure to be explored during ladakh tourism. Also called as the Hemis High Altitude National Park, it is not just the highest National Park in the country but is also the second largest one after the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. The Hemis Monastery falls within the territory of the national park and is over 400 years old. As one would discover during their visit to the park during their leh ladakh tour, the National Park is home to some of the rare endangered flora and fauna; including Snow Leopards which are over 200 here.


About the Leh Ladakh Bike Trip:

When it comes to a road trip nothing can be a better than Leh Ladakh road trip which is undeniably the best. Ladakh, the land of high altitude passes, snow-capped mountains, cold desert, silent monasteries and mysterious culture is highest visited tourist destinations in India. It has everything to appeal any kind of traveler.

If you plan leh ladakh road trip, the Trans Himalayan route which connects Leh from Manali offers a lot of spectacular views and challenges. Each high altitude pass its own uniqueness right from Rohatang Pass to Baralacha La to Gata Loops to Tanglang La to Chang la to Khardung La. Sightseeing of Ladakh cannot be completed without visiting picturesque Pangong lake and scenic Nubra Valley. When you book leh ladakh bike tour packages, you can experience the enchanting theme of mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” which connects your mind & soul while visiting Monasteries.

Riding through the astounding valleys and the breath-taking mountain passes with the tranquil surrounding is something which will be seized in your heart always. So, this time book leh ladakh bike tour packages, head out for that picture-perfect bike trip to Ladakh and gratify your thirst to reconnoitre the mountains all at once.


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Ladakh is one of the top visited places in the country, even attracting scores of global tourists. Hence, one can be assured that the accommodation facilities are comfortable as well as affordable here. While making bookings of ladakh tour packages, one can make a prior booking of their stay at hotels.

Hotels in Ladakh – While on ladakh tourism with your family, it is advisable to stay at hotels rather than camp sites; since the temperatures can drastically drop during night times within a matter of couple of hours. Ladakh Retreat, The Grand Dragon, The Ule Ethnic Resort, Siachen Hotel, Karma Inn, Resort Pangong are some of the popular hotels which can serve to the needs and preferences during your leh ladakh tour in a copious manner.

Camp sites in Ladakh – The lure of camping during ladakh bike ride or simply ladakh tourism seems insatiable. One can opt for professional camp sites which are spread across the place and even make prior booking with them. Silk Route Cottages, Chamba Deluxe Camp, Organic Retreat Camp and Ule Adventure Camp are some of the most trusted camping hotels frequented by tourists around the country.

Budget stays in Ladakh – The adventure admirers would always think on spending their monetary reserve on more adrenalin kicking endeavours rather than their accommodation. Even the pampered tourists indulge in budget stays to discover new aspects during their leh ladakh tour. The Kaal and Ladakh Sarai are one of the most affordable yet amazingly comfortable accommodation options which one can come across. There are several other options including home stays and group camp sites which can be explored by those looking for budget accommodation during their ladakh tourism.

On a whole, Ladakh has ample facilities to cater to the needs and preferences of people touring here.