Bhutan Honeymoon Packages


The spiritual land of Bhutan is the ideal destination for a peaceful honeymoon getaway. The snow-capped mounts of the magnificent Himalayan ranges are a vision to behold.

Experience stress-free transfers, lavish accommodation, fun-filled sightseeing activities, and enjoyable meals as part of your Bhutan Honeymoon Packages. Relish the culinary pleasures of this Himalayan kingdom and try the diversities of chicken, yak meat, buckwheat, maize, and rice delicacies available. Try delicious momos, goep, red rice, ema datshi, phaksha paa, jashaa maroo and shamu datshi.

Further, couples can also get a taste of the nightlife in Bhutan for a complete holiday tour package experience, in the capital city of Thimphu. You can then head to Space 34, Vivacity, Club Ace and Mojo Park, to appreciate the other side of Bhutanese culture. So, choose from best of budget and affordable honeymoon packages to Bhutan for an all-inclusive and customizable tour at the best cost.

Come join us on a package tour to Bhutan for an extraordinary vacation and make the memories of a lifetime with your partner. Drive on a romantic escapade and seek pleasure in the picturesque environment.

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