Ladakh is like a pilgrimage destination for adrenalin junkies. There are host of adventure activities to satiate the thirst for adrenalin rush of adventure admirers. Trekking is one of the most obvious and most widely consumed adventure activities by people on ladakh tourism. Ladakh stretches from Karakoram ranges to Great Himalayan ranges and has plenty of trek-worthy places, where the tourists are rewarded with not just enchanting sights but also a visit to not-so-easily accessible monasteries and other tourist delights after fulfilling their trek. However, trekking is possible only when snowfall does not alter the schedule and hence time period from late November to February is not conducive for ladakh tour packages from Mumbai for those looking forward to trekking here.

Mountaineering provides many challenges for peak conquerors and people come here all geared up to do so during their leh ladakh tour. Mountaineers should make a note that they need to acquire permission from Indian Mountaineering Federation in Delhi before commencing their peak conquer in Ladakh. Popularity of White Water Rafting has sky rocketed of lately and Indus, Zanskar and Nubra rivers provide memorable rafting experiences. Camel Safaris on double humped Bactrian camels is an exclusive adventure which only ladakh tourism can provide in the entire country.

The ladakh bike ride is undoubtedly one of the best adventures to be experienced while on tour here. While bike ride on a road would only qualify as a leisure activity most of the places elsewhere, but Ladakh provides an altogether unparalleled bike ride experience. The Khardung La pass is not just a biker’s delight but it also biker’s pride. The Khardung La road is the highest motor-able pass in the world at an incredible height of more than 5600 metres above the sea level.

Ice Hockey is one of the most popular sports here. The game is played on natural icy terrain especially during the freezing time between mid December to mid February, when the temperatures breaches the sub zero level often. Hence, for those who wish to experience the thrill of ice hockey in freezing condition, it is definitely the best time to visit ladakh, otherwise definitely not! Other exciting adventures which can be sought while touring picturesque valleys and mountains of Ladakh are Polo and Archery, which have been historically associated with the place and are played on a weekly basis, sometimes twice a week.

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