Led by Go Travellism Pvt Ltd, Offbeat Himalayas is a specialized adventure travel company headed by a team of best tourism professionals. With corporate office headquartered in Mumbai, we have local set ups across Himalayas thus operating on grassroots level. 

We offer most impressive selection of affordable small-group tours, safaris and excursions to both domestic and international travellers coming to Himalayas. We are the first to acquaint tourists with the local experience and make them traverse destinations that come to life through our hand-picked insider experiences.

Our top destinations for Himalayan voyage comprises of Leh Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Kinnaur, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan.

Unforgettable Himalayan Experience

At Offbeat Himalayas, we’re for finest adventures, and for us that means taking on the spirit of adventure through a more engaging cultural journey.  With expert travel professionals, relaxing transport, fine accommodation, delicious meals and unique offbeat highlights included, we give you the liberty to just be; be in the moment, be joyful, be inspired.

Price & Value:

We believe a memorable travel experience doesn’t have to be costly; that’s why we constantly do our best to offer the most viable prices around. Owing to our grassroots approach that delivers more reasonable way to travel, we’re able to endow with the adventure of a lifetime at a fraction of the price.

Quality Accommodation:

Our accommodation is hand-picked by our tour experts for its excellence, ambience, conveniences and central location. So your vacation is not only unforgettable, but convenient. From distinctive home stays and hotels to camps under the stars in a serene haven, our choices will offer you with the most authentic experience possible.

Sustainable Eco-Tourism

Our initiatives have been considered to help protect, support and hand back to the places that we visit. Alongside our associates, we’re working to safeguard our environment for upcoming generations to enjoy. Preserving ethnic heritage as well as sustaining and replenishing the natural environs, while strengthening the local communities, is the essence of our travelling and is incorporated into every decision we take at Offbeat Himalayas.

Why We Love Himalayas?

Mystery, beauty and culture are deep-rooted into the great lands of the Himalaya. While the ancient monasteries of Leh Ladakh emit a soothing peace, Nepal buzzes with the life of its people. Meanwhile, the majesty of Mount Everest guards over a colossal natural landscape of forests, valleys and peaks. Real escapade flows through the Himalaya’s life-blood, while fascinating stories of spirituality and survival are voiced through the land and its people. 

Our Himalayan trips are led by native expert guides who have been affianced in hundreds of journeys and have grown up in the mountains. With their heap of knowledge and quality experience, you couldn’t be in better hands

So whether you seek to travel with an intimate group to less-discovered destinations or travel with your whole family, Offbeat Himalayas offers the seamless range of tours that is customized to your needs.